One of India’s most popular train tracking apps is acquired by Google

Google is increasing its efforts in India after acquaring up the team behind India’s most popular train Taking app ‘Where is my Train.’

The app claims 10 million registered users and, it helps locomotive track arrivals and departures as well as buying seats. That’s an huge job given that India is estimated to operate some 14,000 trains on a daily basis across the country. The app is for Android, it works offline or with poor connectivity and supports different eight regiona languages. It is rivaled by VC-backed companies like RailYatri and iXigo.

There’s no official for the deal prise, although according to report of India’s Economic Times it is estimating around the range of $30-$40 million.

This App is develops by Sigmoid Labs, and it was founded by four former TiVo executives in 2013. Initially it has around 10 member staff. From this App how much money it has raised to date is not clear. 

The company declined the customers news of the acquisition on its website earlier today.

its founders wrote, “We can think of no better place to help us achieve our mission, and we’re excited to join Google to help bring technology and information into more people’s hands.”

Where is my Train team would “continue to build on the current offering,” so it seems that the app won’t be shuttered, immediately at least, says Google.

Google might look to develop and expand its scope to possibly grab on other areas. Ride-hailing apps, for example, have moved into adjacent spaces including entertainment, payments and food delivery to take advantage of their position as daily apps.

wheres my train - One of India’s most popular train tracking apps is acquired by Google
Screenshots of Where is my Train Android app from the Google Play Store

The aquarium bought under Google’s ‘Next Billion User’ division which is developing products and services to help increase internet adoption in emerging markets. It says that Google has strongly focusing on India where Google has developed data-friendly ‘lite’ versions of popular apps like YouTube, and initiatives like public WiFi for India’s rail network that’s consumes by over eight million people.

Google looking at apps that provide information and utility to Indian consumers. Google launched an on-demand app and a mobile payment service last year, and this year it released a neighborhood Q&A service. The Where is my Train deal certainly fits that strategy and you’d imagine it’ll become a core part of Google’s consumer-facing product line in India.

The deal is also one of the most important deal for a U.S-based tech firm in India. Facebook, Twitter, Google and even Yahoo have made acquisitions to build teams or acquire talent but Where is my Train seems significantly more strategic as a product.


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